17 January 2013


Design Specialism: This project is intended to be an experimental design project, with the opportunity to base a collection around a theme of my own personal interest, with less limitations than previous briefs. In other words "finding my path as a designer" - more freedom to try areas of design and see where my work fits best. This was my first foray into designing menswear. I have always had an interest in menswear but have not had the opportunity during my degree so far to design or produce menswear garments. This opened my eyes to how menswear is designed, and how different the design process can be for menswear to womenswear. During extensive research and development for my collection, I found the smallest details even down to stitch length can change the aesthetics of a garment and add quality to a basic design. This led to different experimentation that I have been used to with womenswear.

Ideas for my collection went from travelling, to hitch hikers, to outdoor wear, and influences from natural sources. It also gave me insight into current issues and potential for future design work into fabric choices, like hemp.

My collection was designed towards the brand bespoken, as I like the casual tailored look.

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