31 January 2013


Fashion Production: The brief was to research into a specific area of garment detail [I was given jet pockets & in seam pockets] and present my research findings. The next stage was to use my research to inform my design work, and design a garment with a focus on detail. I wanted to use this opportunity to experiment using knitted fabrics, as I love the aesthetics, feel and drape, and I think there is a scope for experimentation. I had not used knitted or jersey fabrics before, and wanted to broaden my production skills. The garment I designed was a oversized hooded coat with a open ended centre front zip fastening. The body and sleeves are gathered into the waistband and cuffs to make the coat slouchy and cosy. After researching into pockets I wanted to include jet pockets in my design, larger than usual to make them more of a feature. I kept the design contemporary using leatherette for the pockets, waistband & cuffs, and fastened the cuffs using silver metal press studs. The cuffs and waistband have stitching detail all around.

The fabrics I used were:

Knitted Wool: Found after a long search in a fabric shop on Goldhawk Road, London.

Cotton Jersey: Direct Fabric Warehouse, Sheffield

Leatherette: Fine Fabrics, Hillsborough

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