26 May 2012


Observation & Communication: The brief was to design a white shirt capsule collection. I was given the circle as a starting point to my research and design work. After extensive thought and research, I found inspiration in chinese lanterns which are often based around a circle shape. This led to further research into chinese lanterns and experimentation with the shapes. After experimenting with different lantern shapes, I used the accordion chinese lantern as a inspiration for the basic structure of my capsule collection. During this design and production project I developed my illustration skills, CADCAM skills, putting into practice what I learnt on Adobe InDesign, Illustrator & Photoshop, pattern cutting skills, and production skills. I found the project challenging, as I designed the collection aiming to improve my pattern cutting skills. When producing the final garment I found the sleeves and collar of the shirt the most challenging and also the most exciting. 

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